Like a bull in a china shop. Large crossover Kia EV9 failed in the “moose” test

by alex

He is big and clumsy

The newest large crossover Kia EV9 was tested in Spain in the «moose test» — avoiding a sudden obstacle on the road. In this test, the car must suddenly enter the oncoming lane and quickly return to its own. The higher the speed of the maneuver, the better: the car is considered to have good predictable handling.

A top version of the crossover was tested in Spain — GT Line with two engines with a total power of 385 hp. The maximum speed in the test was 71 km/h, and this is not an important result. Experts noted that the Kia EV9 is quite safe for an untrained driver, and the low speed of the maneuver is due to its large dimensions (length just over 5 meters) and weight of the car (up to 2664 kg).

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