1088 hp, four wheel motors, crab mode and much more. New versions of Dongfeng Warrior 917 Highland Lion and Dragon Armor introduced

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Prices not yet announced

The official modified Dongfeng Warrior 917 Highland Lion and Dragon Armor cars shown at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show have been revealed.

Dongfeng Warrior 917 Dragon Armor is painted in the military «Desert Storm» with silver contrast color on top. The car uses aircraft-grade carbon fiber for key points such as the front and rear bumpers, hood and roof platform. The rest is the same as the original Dongfeng Warrior 917.

Dongfeng Warrior 917 Highland Lion uses Coman racing-grade professional adjustable nitrogen shock absorbers, an electric winch with a 6.6 HP motor, which supports remote control. The maximum weight for which the winch is designed reaches 2500 kg.

The car has an exclusive badge and body art, it is equipped with metal side bars, a spare tire kit, 8mm armor and many additional accessories inside the car.

Insiders declared April the month of revival of the Lada Granta: production of automatic cars and station wagons will resume

1088 л.с., четыре мотор-колеса, режим «краба» и многое другое. Представлены новые версии Dongfeng Warrior 917 Highland Lion и Dragon Armor

The original Mengshi 917 was presented in August last year and has already reached Russia and Belarus. The electric version of the M-Hero 917 has four electric motors and a peak power of 1088 hp, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. The car can also move in crab mode. The curb weight of the M-Hero 917 is 3293 kg, and the range — 505 km. A hybrid version with a power reserve of more than 1000 km is also available.

The manufacturer's SUV was presented at the exhibition for half a million dollars.

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