This USB drive will get hot and self-destruct if inserted incorrectly

by alex

Ryan Walker of Interrupt Labs has released a security-focused, open-source USB flash drive called Ovrdrive USB, which boasts a self-destruct mechanism that activates when inserted incorrectly and heats the flash memory chip up to 100° C.

Ovrdrive USB is not encrypted by default, so it should be legal in countries where encryption is illegal, while providing an additional layer of (physical) security, reports Tom’s Hardware.

Ovrdrive USB functions simply. This is a regular USB drive with a unique activation mechanism. For it to be detected by the computer, you need to turn it on – quickly insert the flash drive three times in a row. Walker created an original destruction mechanism. The mechanism reverses the direction of voltage applied to the device and heats it to approximately 100° C.

Этот USB-накопитель разогреется и самоуничтожится, если его неправильно вставить

However, it may not be hot enough to kill flash chips, but users can independently add substances for complete self-destruction. At the first stage, before heating, the disk partition will be hidden, and it will appear that the drive is broken.

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This product is aimed at journalists, researchers and other people who need an additional level of data storage security. This activation mechanism is not a replacement for full encryption (especially in countries where you can encrypt your data). However, it still serves as a good barrier for unwanted third-party users of the drive.

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As part of a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply, the flash drive is scheduled to be released in August 2024 and is priced at $69 with free shipping within the US or $12 per shipment for the rest of the world.

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