This is what the very expensive Apple Vision Pro headset looks like inside. The device has already been disassembled by iFixit specialists

by alex

Without repairability assessment

iFixit specialists have already gotten to the Apple Vision Pro headset and disassembled it. 

Так очень дорогая гарнитура Apple Vision Pro выглядит внутри. Устройство уже разобрали специалисты iFixit

Today we already saw how the headset was thrown onto the floor, and in the end only the outer layer broke. It turned out that the glass underneath is actually also protective, and the screen itself is hidden under the second layer. 

It is unusual here and is covered with biconvex lenses that help create a three-dimensional effect of the user's eyes to an outside observer. By the way, dismantling the outer layers without damage is either difficult or even impossible. 

Further disassembly — the task is not the easiest, given the abundance of cables, connectors and the dense layout of it all. Very tight layout.  

The authors have not yet given a rating for maintainability, and it’s not a fact that they will give it at all, given the specificity of the device. But the estimate is unlikely to be high, given the damage to the outer layers during disassembly, the very dense arrangement of all elements and the complexity of disassembly in general. 

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