The Xbox console is not important. Microsoft wants Xbox Game Pass games to be available everywhere

by alex

In an interview with Bloomberg, Xbox President Sarah Bond emphasized the importance of Game Pass to its core audience. The company understands that users value a subscription for a wide selection of games.

Bond ensures players get every Microsoft game from day one on Xbox Game Pass. And soon there will be even more big games coming to the subscription catalog.

When Bond was asked about adding new major releases to Xbox Game Pass, she said that games from across Microsoft's portfolio will be part of Xbox Game Pass, meaning all Activision games will be available as part of the subscription.

Bond was also asked about gamers who are concerned about the release of AAA Xbox titles on other platforms could mean neglecting their own console. In response, she said that the company's long-term goal is to allow Xbox users to play wherever they want, regardless of their chosen platform. Microsoft remains true to the strategy: cross-play, cross-progression and cloud subscriptions.

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