The finalists for the 2024 European Car of the Year competition have been announced. Among them are two Chinese cars

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The winner will be announced on February 26

Two Chinese cars have been selected as finalists for the 2024 European Car of the Year competition. These are BYD Seal and Volvo EX30. They will compete for the winning title along with five other cars. The winner will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show on February 26th.

Let us remind you that seven Chinese cars became candidates for the title of “European Car of the Year 2024” with a share of 25% among 28 contenders. The list of Chinese cars includes BYD Atto 3 (Yuan Plus), BYD Han, BYD Dolphin, BYD Seal, Nio ET7, Smart #1 and Volvo EX30. However, only two Chinese cars made the list of finalists.

The previous post already discussed why Smart #1 and Volvo EX30 are considered Chinese cars. They are built on Chinese architecture (SEA) and use many Chinese components (batteries, electric motors), and the Chinese company Geely Group is responsible for the mass production of these models.

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Объявлены финалисты конкурса «Европейский автомобиль года 2024». Среди них две китайские машины

Chinese cars currently make up 28.5% of the final nominees. The remaining 28.5% belongs to French cars. German, Korean and Japanese cars each have 14.3%. The full list of finalists is as follows:

  • BMW 5-series
  • BYD Seal
  • Kia EV9
  • Peugeot E-3008/3008
  • Renault Scenic
  • Toyota C-HR
  • Volvo EX30

The Chinese car has a real chance of becoming the winner of the European Car of the Year competition in 2024. After further test drives, 59 journalists from 22 countries will vote for the best car of the year.

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