The end of Touch ID on iPhone and iPad? Apple is stopping production of chips for this technology

by alex

Конец Touch ID в iPhone й iPad? Apple прекращает производство чипов для этой технологии

Apple moved away from Touch ID authentication technology with the launch of the iPhone X in 2017. The smartphone received a completely new facial recognition system called Face ID. Since then, Apple hasn't looked back on fingerprint scanners, despite frequent rumors claiming that Touch ID will return. According to a new report, Apple has no plans to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone as it has stopped manufacturing the chips used in the process, reports Wccftech.

Currently, Apple only offers Touch ID on the budget iPhone SE line. But the company no longer plans to offer Touch ID on smartphones. The future iPhone SE 4 should be based on the hardware of the iPhone 14, which does not have a fingerprint scanner.

Apple also uses Touch ID on the budget tablets iPad mini 6 and iPad Air. Meanwhile, the company updated the iPad Pro, which also received Face ID facial recognition. Most likely, this will happen with all tablets. Touch ID is also available on the company’s laptops, but that’s a different story.

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It makes sense for Apple to ditch Touch ID as it works to embed TrueDepth camera sensors under the display. This will give the iPhone an under-display Face ID authentication system that won't have any unnecessary notches. According to preliminary reports, Apple plans to bring the above changes to the iPhone in 2026.


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