The creators of Mass Effect have been deceiving players for many years. The developer admitted that running in the Citadel was an illusion

by alex

Mass Effect will still be remembered in 2024. Over the years, the games of the old BioWare have not lost their relevance and are quite capable of surprising today

When creating video games, developers have to go to various technical tricks to ensure that the game runs smoothly. Mass Effect is no exception in this regard.

Ex- BioWare developer John Ebenger admitted that the authors of Mass Effect cheated a little in the Citadel:

“….in Mass Effect 1, when you are trying to run through the Citadel. The speed doesn't change, just the camera's FOV to create the illusion that you're moving faster. I don’t remember if this was preserved in parts 2 and 3, or if the loading time [of the location] had become shorter by that time.”

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