The Chery Arrizo 8 sedan, popular in Russia, received the long-awaited 8-speed automatic transmission, but there are questions about it

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It seems that Chery has poorly matched the 2.0-liter turbo engine with the new gearbox

Until recently, the Chery Arrizo 8 sedan in China was represented by a combination of units from a 1.6-liter or 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a 7-speed robotic gearbox, but now a new version has been introduced to the Chinese market cars — with 8-speed «automatic» instead of «robot». The automatic transmission is combined with the older engine. Usually an automatic transmission with a torque converter provides greater smoothness when changing gears and generally behaves more adequately than a robot, but in the case of an automatic transmission Arrizo 8 something went wrong.

Local journalists tested the car, and they criticized the new unit. Thus, in the economical and standard modes, a traction deficit was detected at speeds below 2000 rpm. But at least switching to the sport mode helps here.

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Популярный в России седан Chery Arrizo 8 получил долгожданный 8-ступенчатый «автомат», но к нему есть вопросы

But it will not be possible to correct the jolts when switching from second to third gear by changing the automatic transmission operating mode. Shocks are also recorded when shifting gears down — for example, when decelerating.

Популярный в России седан Chery Arrizo 8 получил долгожданный 8-ступенчатый «автомат», но к нему есть вопросы

Why did a rare situation arise when «automatic» turned out to be worse than «robot» in terms of comfort? Apparently, the company was in such a hurry to bring the Arrizo 8 to the market that it simply did not have time to properly configure the automatic transmission. Initially, the start of sales of Arrizo 8 with automatic transmission was planned for November, but it has already been announced that sales will start tomorrow — June 16. It is still unclear whether Chery will have time to perfect the gearbox firmware before the first commercial vehicles reach their new owners.

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