Tests of the PD-35 aircraft engine will start early next year

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It will become the largest aircraft engine in Russian history

As reported in the official Telegram channel of Rostec, tests of the domestic fifth-generation full-size turbojet engine PD-35 are planned for early 2024. It will be the largest aircraft engine in Russian history: the diameter of the PD-35 fan is 3.1 meters, and the thrust is 35 tons. These power plants are created by the subsidiary of the United Engine Corporation, UEC-Aviadvigatel.

Испытания авиационного двигателя ПД-35 стартуют в начале следующего года

The production version of the PD-35 aircraft engine should appear by 2030. It is planned to be installed on the long-range wide-body aircraft CRC929, being developed jointly with China, the Russian military transport aircraft An-124-100 Ruslan and the domestic passenger wide-body aircraft Il-96-400M for medium and long-haul airlines.

In October of this year, the first tests of the gas generator of the PD-35 aircraft engine took place. Tests were carried out under conditions simulating the operation of a full-size power plant; parameters such as pressure, temperature, effort, fuel and oil consumption, stress, vibration, etc. were assessed. Tests showed good agreement between the obtained parameters of the gas generator and the design data.

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