“Suspended due to the threat of harm to the life and health of citizens,” Roszdravnadzor banned the use of a medical platform with artificial intelligence

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The Botkin.AI medical image analysis system will be thoroughly checked

For the first time, Roszdravnadzor has suspended the use of a medical platform using artificial intelligence (AI), as reported by Kommersant. We are talking about the Botkin.AI medical image processing and analysis system, which helps detect pathologies in computed tomography images. According to the department, the use of Botkin.AI was suspended “due to the threat of harm to the life and health of citizens.”

The Botkin.AI platform received a registration certificate in 2020; it was developed by the Intellogic company with attraction of more than 250 million rubles of investment from a number of venture funds, including those belonging to Rosatom, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, R-Pharm and Tashir. The developers then claimed that the Botkin.AI system was integrated into the Unified Radiological Information System of the city created by the Moscow City Hall to help detect lung cancer.

The Moscow Department of Health told reporters that the Botkin.AI platform is not used in medical institutions of the capital, but as part of the experiment it is used by more than 50 other AI services that identify signs of pathologies in 28 clinical areas. For example, as we have already written, a system is used to make a final diagnosis for a patient using AI, although the final decision still remains with the doctor.

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Journalists were able to receive a number of comments regarding the suspension of the use of Botkin.AI: for example, Tashir Medika reported that they are aware of this and understand the reasons, and Unicorn Capital Partners (the management company of the venture fund of the Ministry of Industry and Trade) emphasized that some or the threat of the system causing harm to the life and health of citizens is “completely excluded.” Medical products with AI belong to a high, third class of risk, so Roszdravnadzor pays close attention to them, and the suspension of the use of such a platform may last until all concerns are eliminated.

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