Samsung has finally explained how it managed to win everyone over. The company has revealed the secret of the amazing anti-glare properties of the Galaxy S24 Ultra screen

by alex

All thanks to the protective glass Armor

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, among other things, stands out for its screen, the coating of which has excellent anti-glare properties. And now the company has finally revealed how it managed to achieve this. 

Let us remind you that the screen of this device is covered with protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass Armor. It is precisely this that is characterized by those same anti-reflective properties. 

The new glass is produced using an extremely precise layering process to achieve superior anti-reflective properties. These layers are applied to the glass surface with nanoscale precision. The result is a one-of-a-kind display material that significantly reduces glare (up to 75%), improving display readability and minimizing screen reflections in virtually any environment.  

Glass also includes a durable layer that better protects against micro-scratches that can occur from daily use, as well as micro-scratches that accumulate over time. According to Corning lab tests, Gorilla Armor is more than four times more scratch resistant than competing aluminosilicate safety glass. To make this possible, a vacuum deposition system is used in an ultra-clean environment — the same technology used in semiconductor manufacturing.  

Whether we will see similar glass in other smartphones in the near future is unclear, but Corning has been cooperating with Samsung for a very long time.  

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