Popular Microsoft keyboards and mice will still remain on the market, but under a different brand

by alex

They will be released by Incase

In April, Microsoft announced that it would no longer produce peripherals under its brand, but would replace it with the Surface brand. At the same time, the product line will also change. It turned out that for fans of old models of keyboards and mice from Microsoft, not all is lost, because they will remain on the market. 

True, under a different brand. Incase decided to retain all Microsoft products by entering into an agreement with the latter. As a result, all the latter’s accessories that were relevant before Microsoft left will remain on the market, simply under the Incase brand, or more precisely, Incase Designed by Microsoft. 

The company says it will use the same manufacturing components and supply chain as Microsoft and license designs for various products, meaning the quality and core features of all devices should remain the same. 

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In general, the list of devices is quite extensive:  

  • Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop  
  • Sculpt Comfort Desktop  
  • Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 AES 
  • Wireless Desktop 850  
  • Wireless Desktop 900  
  • Wired Desktop 600  
  • Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard 
  • Ergonomic Keyboard 
  • Wired Keyboard 600 
  • Bluetooth Keyboard 
  • Designer Compact Keyboard 
  • Bluetooth Number Pad 
  • Mobile Mouse 1850 
  • Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse 
  • Bluetooth Mouse 
  • Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse 
  • Modern Mobile Mouse 
  • Modern Wireless Headset 
  • Modern USB Headset 
  • Modern USB-C Headset 
  • Modern USB-C Speaker 
  • Audio Dock 
  • Modern Webcam 

Moreover, Incase will release a new device that Microsoft was developing but did not have time to bring to market. It will be some kind of ergonomic keyboard, but there are no details yet. The company also says that there is a possibility of releasing other devices that Microsoft did not manage to release. 

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