Li Auto changes strategy and abandons plans to release its first electric crossover in 2024

by alex

It was postponed until next year in order to fulfill a number of conditions

On May 20, Li Auto CEO and founder Li Xiang said during a press conference that the launch of the brand's first electric crossover is scheduled for the first half of 2025.

It was previously planned that sales of this model would begin this year. Li Xiang explained that this delay is due to the need to install enough fast charging stations to meet the needs of electric crossover buyers.

In addition, the estimated sales volume of this electric crossover will reach 10,000 units per month. According to Li Xiang, the company needs to install at least 500-600 display stands throughout the country to increase sales.

Meanwhile, Li Auto will focus on its hybrid lineup. Li Xiang said that the recently released Li L6 was a huge success. Moreover, the new pricing strategy has also increased consumer demand for L7, L8 and L9.

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Li Auto меняет стратегию и отказывается от планов по выпуску своего первого электрического кроссовера в 2024 году

Li Xiang emphasized that the company's management is currently satisfied with sales figures and does not plan to reduce prices in the future.

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