“It holds a charge for several days, there is fast wireless charging, there is enough memory, but not enough applications,” the Federation Council said about smartphones on Aurora

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Senator Artyom Sheikin tests new products

The Federation Council began testing domestic smartphones on the Aurora operating system, as stated by Senator Artyom Sheikin, who praised the speed, operating time and other points.

“Currently I am testing domestically developed smartphones from the Aquarius company on the Russian Aurora OS, models NS M11 and M12 (in a protected case). These devices have an important competitive advantage in the modern digital world compared to the most well-known phones from foreign companies, namely, they have a secure system for exchanging and storing data,” said Sheikin.

The M11 has the same technical specifications as the M12, but the M12 is IP68 waterproof. The senator admitted that the number of applications that can be installed on devices “is not enough for a full transition to the domestic Aurora OS.”

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“For example, there are no publicly accessible messengers used by relatives and friends. This fact requires the use of a second unprotected smartphone to communicate with loved ones,” he noted.

Smartphones cope with basic daily tasks: “The battery holds a charge for several days, there is fast wireless charging, there is enough RAM for comfortable execution of applications, internal storage allows you to save all the necessary files, the speed of operation and launch of applications is acceptable.”

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