Final Fantasy XVI will feature a new, dark story. Square Enix remembered the additions

by alex

Work on expansions for Final Fantasy XVI will likely begin in 2023, but representatives from Square Enix appearing at the PlayStation event confirmed what to expect.

Final Fantasy XVI is essentially a complete story. But game director Hiroshi Takai confirmed that the developers are preparing two add-ons that will be full of “darkness” and “secrets”, and they will all be connected to Clive’s story.

“These 2 episodes will allow you to explore the world of FF16 in greater detail and experience the 'darkness' and 'mystery' of Clive's story. We will also add new powerful enemies and elements to make battles more enjoyable. Look forward to”.

Now the studio is not saying when the add-on will go on sale, but the first plot footage will probably be shown in 2024. Don't forget that Final Fantasy XVI will also be released on PC and perhaps Square Enix will want to talk about the story addition earlier.

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