Connecting rods, valves, hydraulic compensators are purchased, camshafts are Turkish, timing belt is Chinese. “Behind the Wheel” told us what the latest VAZ 1.8 EVO engine for the Lada Vesta CVT is made of

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“There are a lot of purchased items,” summed up Maxim Kadakov

We already told you that VAZ has once again got a modernized 1.8 EVO engine, which will be installed on the Lada Vesta with a CVT. And the other day the resource «Behind the wheel» released a video in which the editor-in-chief, Maxim Kadakov, explained what this engine consists of. It turned out that there are many parts not from Russia.

Cylinder block and cylinder head – Russian, but the connecting rods – No. «But we still buy connecting rods… Unfortunately, it is still impossible for us to ensure mass production at an adequate price with adequate quality of bursting pistons– explained Maxim Kadakov.

Шатуны, клапаны, гидрокомпенсаторы – покупные, распредвалы – турецкие, ремень ГРМ – китайский. «За рулем» рассказал, из чего сделан новейший вазовский мотор 1,8 EVO для Lada Vesta CVT

Valves, hydraulic compensators, drive disc are also purchased. Almost everything in the timing drive is purchased. Maxima Kadakov focused attention on the timing belt: unlike the Russian belt on a 90-horsepower engine, which needs to be changed every 45 thousand km, the scheduled replacement period for the Chinese Hola belt is 90 thousand km.

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Camshafts – Turkish, variable valve timing mechanism – Chinese, oil and water pumps are supplied from South Korea.

Cylinder head gasket – Russian, new engine mount – also Russian. Throttle valve – Russian, it is produced by ITELMA (it also supplies VAZ with ABS systems and will soon supply ESP). Intake manifold – Russian, graduation – also Russian, with the exception of the purchased ceramic element inside.

«There are a lot of things to buy», – summed up Maxim Kadakov. But he added that there’s nothing wrong with that: the main thing is that the engine really gets better and completely gets rid of old sores.

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