Apple's position in China has weakened and sales have fallen. Cook said the iPhone is still selling well

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They took four places in the top 6

After Apple presented its financial report, it became known that the company's revenue in China had decreased significantly.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri subsequently said that the company is certainly not happy about the decline in revenues in China, but the Chinese market is fraught with significant long-term opportunities.

Maestri also warned that Apple's revenue growth may not be sustainable. The financial report shows that Apple's revenue in China for the quarter was $20.8 billion, down 13% from the same period last year of $23.9 billion.

Позиции Apple в Китае ослабли, продажи упали. Кук заявил, что iPhone всё равно отлично продаётся

At the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that this is not such a big problem. Cook directly stated that Apple's revenue decline was not due to the loss of popularity of the iPhone, but due to general economic problems.

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In addition, Cook also emphasized that the iPhone business performed well in the fourth quarter of 2023: the company's smartphones sold well and took four out of six places in the ranking of the best-selling smartphones in major cities China.

Cook said that taking into account exchange rate factors, the overall impact of China's 13 percent year-on-year contraction is negligible.

«China has always been the most competitive smartphone market in the world, and that hasn't changed», — Cook added.

Tim Cook also stated that user satisfaction with the iPhone 15 series has reached 99%, although there are other data.

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