550 hp, 12-speed “robot”, digital instrument panel and Belarusian-designed cabin. MAZ showed the serial MA3-541SA5 – this is a competitor to the KamAZ K5

by alex

Under the cabin there is a Chinese diesel engine Weichai WP13.550E62

In Minsk at a seminar with the most detailed title «Conditions for the acquisition and renewal of vehicles for international road transport in 2024» MAZ presented the latest generation serial long-haul tractor — MA3-541SA5. It acts as a direct competitor to the Russian KamAZ K5. At the same time, the MAZ is more powerful, and its cabin is its own design, and not borrowed from Mercedes.

MA3-541SA5 is an import-substituted product: it received a Chinese engine and gearbox. These are, respectively, Weichai WP13.550E62 and Fast Gear F12JS26A. The engine displacement is 13 liters, power — 550 hp (KAMAZ-54901 is equipped with a KAMAZ-910.52-460 engine of the same volume, but the power is less – 482 hp), the engine meets the requirements of the Euro-6 environmental standard. As for the gearbox, it is 12-speed, with control on the steering column switch.

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MA3-541SA5 received a digital instrument panel, climate control, an independent cabin heater (the so-called hair dryer), electric windows and windshield curtains, and electric mirror adjustment. The car has two sleeping places and a refrigerator.

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