Still only four cores, but this is the cheapest Core i3 of the new generation. Core i3-14100 is already on sale in the USA

by alex

At the same price as Core i3-13100

The Intel Core i3-14100 processor has not yet been presented, but is already on sale in the USA. 

They are asking $150 for the new product, which is comparable to the price of the Core i3-13100. The Core i3-14100F will be even cheaper, but it is not on sale yet. 

Recall that, like almost all Raptor Lake Refresh models, the Core i3-14100 is an almost complete copy of its predecessor. Unless the frequencies are increased from 3.4-4.5 to 3.5-4.7 GHz, which will have a very slight effect on performance. Technically, everything else remains unchanged: the same four large cores with Hyper-Threading and a TDP of 60 W. Considering the price, the offer is quite good, since you will have to pay about 40% extra for the younger Core i5.  

Modern Intel processors have been banned from sale in Germany. The company lost a patent dispute concerning some CPU lines

Всё ещё лишь четыре ядра, но это самый дешёвый Core i3 нового поколения. Core i3-14100 уже продаётся в США

Today we got acquainted with the tests of the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor. It lost significantly to the Ryzen 7 7840U when using Linux and was only able to outperform the same AMD APU in half of the tests when using Intel's own optimized AI software.

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