Now it's official: Southeast Motor is Chery

by alex

The Chinese auto giant has another subsidiary brand

As reported by ITHome, Chery Automobile has become the sole shareholder of Fuzhou Qingkou Holdings, which owns automaker Southeast Motor. Corresponding changes have been made to official documents. Previously, the sole shareholder of Fuzhou Qingkou Holdings was Fuzhou Zuohai Automobile, but it withdrew from this venture. Thus, Chery has another subsidiary brand — Soueast (spelling of brand and manufacturing company varies). Now it can be put on a par with Omoda, Jaecoo, Jetour, Exeed and Kaiyi.

Why is this important for Russia. Because we sell crossovers Soueast DX8S and Soueast DX5, and not everyone understood what kind of cars they were and what units were used in them.

Southeastern Motor itself also confused buyers: for example, if on the body of the Soueast DX8S it is written, in fact, Soueast, then on the front panel there is the inscription Jetour. Now, no matter what you call the car, it will still turn out to be Chery.

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