Huawei Mate 70, which competes with the iPhone 16, will receive a very fast Kirin chip: it already scores more than 1.1 million points in AnTuTu

by alex

Mate 70 expected to be released in September

Huawei launched its latest Pura 70 flagships with the new Kirin 9010 chip. Although the SoC has the same manufacturing process and core architecture as the Kirin 9000, Huawei has further optimized it to deliver performance in its latest flagships.

According to rumors, the company is working on another Kirin chip, probably for the Mate 70 series smartphones. It has already performed well in preliminary tests. It is reported that the new product scores more than 1.1 million points in AnTuTu.

For comparison, the latest Kirin 9010 chip in the Pura 70 Ultra smartphone scores about 927,547 points in AnTuTu v10. While the Mate 60 Pro powered by Kirin 9000s processor averages around 699,783 points in the same test.

Official prices have been announced for Solaris HS (Hyundai Solaris), Solaris HC (Hyundai Creta) and Solaris KR (Kia Rio) assembled in Russia

But it's worth waiting that the final performance of the Mate 70 may differ from the performance of the test prototype. As for the Mate 70 line, it is expected that there will be at least three smartphones: Mate 70, Mate 70 Pro and Mate 70 Pro+.

According to rumors, the new series will be released in September and will compete with the iPhone 16, at least in China.

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