Wildermyth developers are going into hibernation with no plans for a sequel or other projects

by alex

Wildermyth Tactics received a second DLC, Omenroad, in early May, which turned it into a roguelike. But this is not the end of the road for the Worldwalker Games team.

Studio co-owner Nate Austin wrote:

“Active development Wildermyth completed. We will continue to support the game and fix critical bugs, but don't expect any new content. We say goodbye to many members of our team. Worldwalker Games is hibernating for now.”

This announcement is not related to Omenroad sales, which appear to be “doing well.” But this may not be the end:

“I’m sure we’ll eventually find something else to put our passion into and let you know when the time is right.”

Austin elaborated further by saying that “the only way we know [to find a new project] is to go into a metaphorical place for a while.” desert.” Austin also said that after 11 years of working on the original, they “have no desire to make a sequel to Wildermyth.” ~/p>

Cover author: Worldwalker Games. Cover source: Unpause

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