Wildberries is testing the transfer of cards between sellers’ personal accounts

by alex

The tool is currently available to a test group of sellers from Russia

The team of the largest Russian online trading platform Wildberries began testing a new tool for sellers – transfer of product cards between personal accounts. 

During the testing period, transferring one card will cost 5,000 rubles, and the minimum transfer fee will be 50,000 rubles. This means that transferring from 1 to 10 cards will cost 50,000 rubles, and each subsequent card will cost 5,000 rubles.

Currently, you can only transfer cards that have no balances and have not had sales for 14 days or more, if both the owner and the recipient of the cards have access to the tool. The innovation is also available for cards with no balances and current supplies. 

The tool is currently available to a limited test group of sellers from Russia. After testing, Wildberries plans to gradually expand coverage among more partners.

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