Wildberries in Russian: companies are creating a joint digital trading platform

by alex

Geographical coverage for many countries

The team of the largest Russian online trading platform Wildberries and the Russian outdoor advertising operator Russ Group announced a «merge». According to the press service, the companies are going to jointly create a modern high-tech digital trading platform. 

The company explained:

United infrastructure of the largest companies, leaders in their segment: digital media platform, the most extensive domestic network of modern advertising structures, own logistics hubs, warehouses and logo centers – will become the basis for the creation and development of a new digital market. 

As planned, the platform will be able to provide «seamless tools» for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the countries of presence. The geography of the strategic project will cover the territory of the Russian Federation, countries former CIS, Asia, Africa, Middle East, CIS, India and China. 

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