Wi-Fi 7 specifications have not yet been adopted, but Gigabyte has already released the GC-WIFI7 adapter for PC

by alex

For PCIe x1


While the Wi-Fi Alliance is just preparing to adopt the final Wi-Fi 7 specifications in three months, Gigabyte has announced an adapter that supports this standard. 

We are talking about the GC-WIFI7 expansion card for the PCIe x1 slot. It supports all major Wi-Fi 7 features, including MU-MIMO, 4K-QAM, MRU and MLO. In addition to Wi-Fi 7, the adapter also supports Bluetooth 5.3. Of course, the board comes with an antenna. 

What’s interesting is that GC-WIFI7 exists in three revisions at once, and they are all based on different platforms. Revision 1.0 is based on the Qualcomm FastConnect 7800, revision 1.1 is based on the MediaTek MT7927, and revision 1.2 is based on the Intel BE200. Moreover, the first one seems to support only Windows 11, while the other two also support Windows 10.  

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New Gigabyte — one of the first such adapters on the market. Wi-Fi 7 is just starting to spread across the market, but with the release of Intel Meteor Lake processors, the process will go faster.  

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