Which Chinese cars rust faster than others, according to the automotive marketplace Fresh

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Modern models are already of fairly high quality

Evgeniy Zhitnukhin, head of the dealership department of the Fresh automobile marketplace, spoke about which Chinese cars rust faster than others and which ones in general should not be considered for purchase.

Tests and ratings confirm that modern Chinese cars are not inferior to European, Korean and Japanese cars in terms of reliability. However, older models — that's another story.

Какие китайские машины ржавеют быстрее других, рассказали в автомобильном маркетплейсе Fresh

«If we talk about the old models that were supplied to Russia in 2015, most of them rusted very quickly – only 30% of Chinese cars of that time had a galvanized body. For example, it is now impossible to find a Chery Amulet with a whole body. The old-style Chery Tiggo cannot be called reliable either: it not only lacks comfortable fit and ergonomics, but also raises questions about the quality of the materials used in the production of the car. Also, you should not consider the possibility of purchasing such models as Brilliance V3, Foton Sauvana, Haima 7, Hawtai Boliger, Haval H2. Even if you manage to find a copy in good technical condition, problems may arise with maintenance, in particular, with finding and ordering spare parts», — he stated.

Nubia Z60 Ultra will receive a huge silicon-carbon battery

Owners of the Zotye T600, in addition to rust, are also dissatisfied with the build quality of the car: «Disks of doors, curvature of wheel alignment and falling off seals — an incomplete set of vehicle deficiencies identified during operation».

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