What will AMD processors produced using the 3 nm process technology be capable of? Such CPUs will go into mass production in the third quarter

by alex

At TSMC power

AMD has already officially announced that processors based on the Zen 5 architecture will appear on the market this year. Now it is reported that their mass production will start in the third quarter. 

Processors based on Zen 5 will be produced using a 3 nm process technology at TSMC facilities, so another leap in energy efficiency awaits us. True, early data indicated that the 3-nanometer process technology will be used only for Zen 5C cores, while regular Zen 5 will be produced at 4 nm standards. However, given the company's current products, this looks strange, since Ryzen 8000 mobile APUs with a monolithic crystal now contain both types of cores. 

Judging by the previous generations of AMD, desktop processors, which are now increasingly called Ryzen 9000, should be the first to hit the market. But mobile and server new products will be released in early 2025.  

Here, AMD, like Intel, expects minimal changes. Ryzen 8000 processor lineup partially revealed

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