To get rid of the crease in the Galaxy Z Fold6, Samsung uses a thick, ultra-thin protective glass

by alex

The thickness will almost double

Samsung wants to solve the problem of wrinkles on the screens of its foldable smartphones with thicker protective glass. 

The Galaxy Z Fold6 will reportedly feature 50 micron glass, up from the current 30 micron glass. Interestingly, this glass is called Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), that is, ultra-thin glass. And to get rid of the crease, Samsung will make thick, ultra-thin glass. 

How much Samsung will be able to reduce the crease is anyone's guess. It may be noted that the fold depends, among other things, on the type of hinge. For example, the first folding Motorola RAZR did not have it at all, but after that Motorola itself switched to other hinges.  

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