This way Europe will only “shoot itself in the foot.” Volkswagen, Stellantis and BMW oppose the introduction of additional duties on Chinese electric cars

by alex

Company leaders substantiated their opinions

Volkswagen Chief Financial Officer Arno Antlitz said that Europe's increase in import duties on electric vehicles produced in China will only bring a «short respite». To remain competitive in the long term, cost reduction is essential.

Arno Antlitz had this to say: «We need to use the next two to three years to become more cost competitive. It is very doubtful that the current discussions related to tariffs will lead in the right direction».

He believes that lower costs will not only improve the economic efficiency of electric vehicles, but will also allow companies to generate significant profits to fund future changes.

Stellantis CEO Tavares said the automaker «doesn't have much time»to turn around its business and is relying on eliminating «regulatory chaos and internal bureaucracy» .

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BMW CEO Oliver Zipse also spoke out against the EU imposing additional tariffs on Chinese electric cars earlier this month, saying that by doing so Europe would only be «shooting itself in the foot».

Oliver Zipse believes that «the European automobile industry does not need trade protection». He added that global operations give large automakers an industrial advantage, which «imposition of import tariffs could easily jeopardize».

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