This is the next generation of Apple CarPlay. Porsche and Aston Martin have already shown what the system will look like

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Apple CarPlay will connect to car sensors and cover all screens

Apple CarPlay is about to get much better thanks to the help of the car manufacturers themselves, and Porsche and Aston Martin will be the first companies to implement these changes.

CarPlay can project apps and content onto the center display of a compatible vehicle, but starting next year the feature will be able to cover all screens inside the car, including the digital instrument cluster.

Porsche has shown what the next generation of CarPlay will look like on its future cars. The usual app stack is still present on the center display, but Apple's projection feature is also responsible for the layout of the three watch faces behind the wheel, as well as the content that appears on the passenger display.

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According to Car and Driver , the improved CarPlay system will be able to connect to the car's sensors and receive information such as outside temperature, tire pressure, the gear the engine is running in, engine speed and more. Apple says connected iPhones do not store or track data from vehicles.

Это Apple CarPlay нового поколения. Porsche и Aston Martin уже показали, как будет выглядеть система

Aston Martin also presented a mockup showing a similar scenario, although the British marque showed only two displays — digital instrument display and traditional touchscreen on the center console. CarPlay looks different on Aston Martin than on Porsche, further highlighting the extensive customization options.

The German sports car maker didn't specify which models will be the first to get the new Apple CarPlay, but Aston Martin said the latest infotainment system that will come standard on the new DB12 will be compatible with the technology.

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