The Tesla Cybertruck cannot roll over and is more rigid than the McLaren P1 supercar. So says Elon Musk

by alex

McLaren P1 was released 10 years ago

Tesla continues to tout the Cybertruck, having previously said its stainless steel body is “bulletproof.” Now Elon Musk has said that the Cybertruck is stiffer than the McLaren P1 and that it cannot roll over.

During the event to deliver the first 10 vehicles, Musk said that the Cyberruck is “a better pickup than regular pickups, but also a better sports car than other sports cars.” He noted that the torsional rigidity of the Cybertruck is higher than that of the McLaren P1 hypercar. Some of that rigidity may have been contributed by the stainless steel panels, but Musk hasn't provided any official numbers or chassis details to back up that claim.

Tesla Cybertruck не может перевернуться и является более жёстким, чем суперкар McLaren P1. Так утверждает Илон Маск

As for that, Musk says that thanks to the Cybertruck's extremely low center of gravity (same as the Model S) and wide stance, it won't roll over even in a side collision.

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At the same event, Elon Musk unveiled the “Cyber Beast”.

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