The studio responsible for Until Dawn and The Quarry, Supermassive Games, has left its founders

by alex

Pete and Joe Samuels call the decision difficult and promise that they will continue to monitor the studio and rejoice at its success

The GameRant portal noticed that the founders of Supermassive Games, responsible for Until Dawn, The Quarry and the anthology The Dark Pictures, waved to the studio on the business social network LinkedIn.

“After more than 15 years as CEO of Supermassive Games, I have made the very difficult decision to step down from my role and leave the business. My decision was based solely on health reasons and was made with great difficulty. I am and will always be proud of the company Joe and I founded many years ago, and I am filled with admiration for the Supermassive team and the amazing things they have accomplished.”.

Supermassive itself expressed special gratitude to the founders and wished them success.

Persona 4 Golden has been translated into Russian. Release of two Russifiers, in transliteration by Polivanov and Hepburn

Robert Henrisson, the former head and chairman of the board of directors of Avalanche Studios, was appointed the new executive director of Supermassive Games.

Supermassive Games is currently working on several projects simultaneously: Little Nightmares 3 and The Dark Pictures: Directive 8020. The studio is also helping with the work on the horror film The Casting of Frank Stone, which takes place in the Dead by Daylight universe.

(news cover source: Supermassive Games)

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