The start of sales of crossovers Xcite X-Cross 7 (Chery Tiggo 7 Pro) is postponed

by alex

Cars were supposed to go on sale in early May

The Xcite X-Cross 7 crossover presented last month, the production of which was launched at the former Nissan plant in St. Petersburg, was supposed to go on sale in early May, but, as reported by the telegram channel « Russian car, the start of sales is postponed. And the reason for this is unknown.

«Brand Xcite (this is „Avtozavod St. Petersburg“) postpones the start of sales, previously scheduled for early May. Today, dealers received a letter asking them to hold back the installation of signs and flags at the DC. The reasons and deadline are not really stated», — reported Sergey Tsyganov, auto expert and presenter of the channel «Russian Automobile».

Старт продаж кроссоверов Xcite X-Cross 7 (Chery Tiggo 7 Pro) откладывается

At the moment, the company produces only the crossover Xcite X-Cross 7, also known as Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. A couple of days ago, Chery removed Tiggo 7 Pro from the official Russian line, which may be precisely due to the launch of production of the model in Russia. 

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