The SJ-100 airframe, modified for Russian systems, has been approved. The next step is approval of the PD-8 engine as part of the aircraft

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A lot of work went into this glider

UAC today announced that it has received regulatory approval (Rosaviation) for the updated airframe of the SJ-100 — The airframe is designed for the installation of Russian systems and units. During work on the new airframe, designers, together with employees of scientific institutes, processed the results of more than 22,000 laboratory “flights” conducted since June 2023.

«Оapproval of this change allows us to switch to production of the SJ-100 using serial design documentation in order to deliver the first import-substituted aircraft in 2024, in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation into operation. The next important step in certification will be the approval of import-substituted systems and the PD-8 propulsion system as part of the aircraft», — said Deputy General Director of UAC for Civil Aviation and General Director of PJSC «Yakovlev» Andrey Boginsky.

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The first flight of the SJ-100 with the domestic PD-8 engine will take place at the beginning of 2024, in 2024 they plan to assemble about twenty such aircraft.

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