The shift in supplies of imported MS-21 and SJ-100 aircraft was explained by the lack of compromises and thoughts about passenger safety

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade remembered the problems of the Boeing 737 MAX

The postponement of the start of deliveries of import-substituted MS-21 and SJ-100 aircraft to 2025–2026 was explained by the Ministry of Industry and Trade due to technical difficulties associated with the implementation of projects of this scale, as well as obligations to implement a full-fledged test program. < /p>

However, this should not affect the overall implementation of the program for the supply of new Russian airliners until 2030, the press service of the ministry emphasized.

«A backlog of aircraft has already been formed — in particular, 16 SJ-100 and 12 MS-21 are in varying degrees of readiness and will be equipped with Russian systems as they become available. This will make it possible, after completion of the tests, to ensure a follow-up schedule for the production and delivery of aircraft in order to generally implement the replenishment of the fleet of Russian airlines with 600 aircraft by 2030», — explained in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade also noted that import substitution programs in civil aviation are being implemented in a unique time frame. There are no similar Russian programs in the world to replace all systems and assemblies, including avionics and engines, in modern world aviation.

There cannot be a compromise between the speed and volume of testing, since the safety of passengers — the main thing in civil aviation. Examples of how haste in production decisions can lead to negative consequences were the history of the Boeing 737 MAX with two plane crashes and an emergency door falling off in flight.

It was previously announced that the start of serial deliveries of MS-21 passenger aircraft would be delayed to 2025–2026, although the corporation strives to complete tests of the MS-21 as quickly as possible.

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