The Russian economy has grown more than the world average: the PC market soared by 32.8% over the year, vehicles – by 25.5%

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Russian economy added 3.5-3.6%

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian economy last year grew faster than the world average.

«Economic growth last year turned out to be higher than expected. Russia's GDP has increased, so we still considered — 3.5%, and according to the latest data — 3.6%. This is higher than the world average, — he said, adding that the global average is 3%, while the economies of developed countries are growing at an average of 1.5%.

Экономика России выросла больше, чем в среднем по миру: рынок ПК за год взлетел на 32,8%, транспортных средств — на 25,5%

«In such areas as the production of computers, aircraft, ships, furniture, electrical equipment and vehicles, double-digit growth rates were noted», — the president added, clarifying that PCs and peripherals grew by 32.8% over the year, vehicles (aviation equipment, shipbuilding) — by 25.5%, vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers — by 13.6%.

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Industrial production for the year increased by 3.5%, and manufacturing industries added 7.5%.

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