The new VK service will help you conduct your own Internet research

by alex

The VK Company (formerly Group) announced the launch of a new service «VK Advertising» for independent research based on surveys. The tool will help test hypotheses, collect feedback and study audience opinions. In order to involve the user in the study, it is enough to send him a link to the survey or show him an ad with a questionnaire.

Product Director «VK Advertising» Yakov Stinsky explained:

Polls — a popular mechanic for obtaining audience opinion. For businesses, this is an opportunity to analyze the market, quickly test ideas and study the needs of potential customers. With their help, authors can explore what content may be of interest to subscribers, what is missing in current projects. In the office of «VK Advertising» any user can quickly customize a survey to suit their needs. Technologies adapt it to available advertising placements and show it to the audience who is most likely to fill out the form. 

In the questionnaire you can combine different types of questions: closed and open, with one or more answer options from a list or with a rating scale. In your account, you can configure the survey logic to show users different questions depending on their answers or end it early. You can collect a database of respondents yourself — send a link to the completed survey to clients in a convenient channel or publish it in a community post. You can also expand your research audience using the technology «VK Advertising».

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At the start of the project, users will see polls in the VKontakte feed and clips, as well as in the Odnoklassniki feed. in an ad format with a call to action button, after clicking on which a questionnaire will open. In the future, the number of platforms for displaying ads will expand.

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