The new generation of Chevrolet Lacetti has not only gained a foothold in Russia, but has also dropped significantly in price: the Chevrolet Monza sedan is now cheaper than the base Lada Vesta

by alex

Now a budget sedan can be bought for 1.6 million rubles

The Chevrolet Monza sedan, built on the Chevrolet Lacetti platform, has been on sale in Russia for more than six months, but the price is steadily going down: if in June the car was sold for 2.38 million rubles, and in October – for 2.09 million rubles, now you can buy a car for 1.6 million rubles. Moreover, for this money they offer both cars in stock and on order. Even among large sellers the price dropped to 2 million rubles.

Новое поколение Chevrolet Lacetti не только закрепилось в России, но и сильно подешевело: седан Chevrolet Monza теперь дешевле базовых Lada Vesta

The characteristics have not changed during this time: under the hood is a 1.5-liter 113-horsepower engine combined with a 6-speed robot. All cars – Chinese assembly and in the Enjoy Edition configuration. It includes a stabilization system, front airbags, two 10-inch screens, air conditioning and heated front seats.

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