The most reliable car in the world, Toyota 4Runner, has dropped sharply in price in Russia. The price fell by 1.5 million rubles

by alex

Now from 6.5 million rubles

The Toyota 4Runner SUV, recognized by Consumer Reports experts as the most reliable car in the world, has fallen sharply in price in Russia over the past month.

Today, prices for the new 2024 Toyota 4Runner start at 6,500,000 rubles, taking into account the recycling fee. This TRD Off-road car received off-road tires and an expeditionary roof rack, a leather interior, a leather multifunction steering wheel, a multimedia system with a touch screen, a rear view camera, parking sensors and dual-zone climate control. Toyota 4Runner 2023 is offered for 6,270,000 and 6,390,000 rubles.

It is worth noting that back in March in Moscow such an SUV of 2024 was offered for 7,965,000 rubles, while in the regions prices reached 10,211,000 rubles.

The car received a 4-liter V6 naturally aspirated petrol engine with a power of 273 hp, which works with a classic five-speed automatic transmission. and «honest» all-wheel drive, complemented by a range of reduction gears.

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