The indie developers removed Police from the game's name so as not to disturb activists and the impressionable. The end of Mega City Police

by alex

In recent years, when the police are mentioned, various dissatisfied people have appeared. The creators of Mega City Police decided to change the name of the game

Mega City Police was recently released on Steam. It received a lot of positive reviews, but there was just one big problem – the name of the game contained the word Police, which caused negative associations among some people.

Mega City Police is now called Mega City Force. According to the developers, the new name Mega City Force better reflects the spirit of the game – it is about a group of old action movie heroes fighting for justice in Mega City.

The authors of Mega City Police also admit that some people may have associated the game with something negative, like “police brutality” (due to the name), which prompted them to refuse to get acquainted with the game: “…We support the law, but not toughness and violations [by the police]. We care about people's feelings and don't want any negative associations.”

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