The hit customs officer simulator Contraband Police will receive a major addition

by alex

Contraband Police is a simulator of a border guard inspector from the Polish studio Crazy Rocks. The game was successful at launch, and the developers continue to develop.

Unlike many low-budget games that are forgotten after a while, Contraband Police is gaining more and more fans. This is evidenced by a noticeable increase in the number of opinions on the game card on the Valve platform.

For example, on November 22 alone, the simulator received 342 new reviews, among which the percentage of positive reviews is “off the charts” high. And the total number of opinions about Contraband Police reached 10 thousand, of which 94% are positive.

Perhaps this growth was influenced by the fact that the game is now at a 22% discount.

In the near future we can expect another increase in the number of players in Contraband Police. In the near future, the developers will release an add-on, the budget of which will be about 175 thousand dollars. We're probably talking about a generous portion of content. In addition, the development team will be increased, and the project will be improved and developed.

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