The head of Samsung's mobile division did not become the CEO of all Samsung Electronics

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He could become one of three new CEOs

The head of Samsung's MX mobile division was not appointed CEO of all Samsung Electronics.

Глава мобильного подразделения Samsung не стал генеральным директором всей Samsung Electronics

The Korean giant continues to use a two-CEO structure due to market uncertainty. Recently, Samsung Electronics announced various changes in its business, and it became known that the two new CEOs of the company will be Samsung DX head JH Han and Samsung DS head Kyung Kye-hyun. The head of the Samsung MX mobile division, Tae Moon Roh (TM Roh), did not receive a new post, although it was expected that he would be promoted, and not to one of the two general directors: a third position could be created for him. As we see, this did not happen.

Let us remember that on the Internet you can find a lot of criticism towards Moon Ro, namely that he is accused of the company’s excessive conservatism regarding the smartphone market and a number of failures, such as gaming software.

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