The former Russian Volvo plant began producing cars again. This is the Urals

by alex

They will be sold under a different brand – AMO or “Next”

Telegram channel «Autostream» published a photo of the production line of the AMO plant — this is a former Russian Volvo enterprise. There are no more trucks of the Swedish brand on the assembly line, instead of them there are now «Ural» with wheel formula 6 × 4.

На бывшем российском заводе Volvo вновь начали выпускать машины. Это «Уралы»

As reported, a test launch of the assembly line has taken place, this will be officially announced later during the visit of the governor of the Kaluga region. By the way, the other day Vladislav Shapsha announced that the launch of production at AMO will take place in the coming days and that final preparations are being made at the plant».

According to «Avtopotok», sell Kaluga «Urals» will be under a different brand, AMO or «Next». Production of trucks «Ural» — This is the first stage of restoration of production after Volvo left the country: in about a year, AMO will begin producing Chinese Chenglong trucks (the brand belongs to Dongfeng).

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