The first tests of a forced engine for the more powerful Angara-A5M were conducted in Russia.

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RD-191M differs from RD-19 in terms of thrust – it is boosted by 10%

In the testing complex of NPO «Energomash» (part of Roscosmos) passed the first tests of the RD-191M liquid-propellant rocket engine, designed for the modernized heavy-class launch vehicle «Angara-A5M» space rocket complex «Amur». The press service of Roscosmos spoke about this. 

General Director of NPO «Energomash» Igor Arbuzov commented: 

RD-191M engine from the «base» RD-191 differs primarily in its thrust level — it is boosted by 10%. Due to this, the Angara's capabilities are increased, including for launching payloads, which is important for launching modules, and will subsequently expand the capabilities of sending cargo for the new Russian orbital station being designed. < /p>

As explained in Roscosmos, the RD-191M engine — modification of the RD-191, boosted by 10% in terms of thrust — single-chamber liquid rocket engine using fuel components (kerosene + liquid oxygen), developed for the family of Russian launch vehicles «Angara». The modified engine will perform the assigned tasks during launches of heavy versions of the Angara missiles. from the Vostochny Cosmodrome, including the manned program.

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The first development engine RD-191M was manufactured at NPO Energomash at the end of last 2023. Previously, the enterprise completed a full cycle of autonomous testing of its units.

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