The first flight prototype of the domestic airliner SSJ New arrived in Zhukovsky to undergo certification flight tests

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Under the wing of SSJ New with number 97001 – Russian-French engines SaM146

An experienced airliner SSJ New with number 97001 — flew from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Moscow, to Zhukovsky airport, to undergo certification tests. This is the first flight prototype of the SSJ New. Under the wing of the car is not the Russian PD-8 engine, but the SaM146 installation as in the SSJ-100.

Obviously, flights within the framework of the certification program will begin in the near future. UAC promises to publish details as the tests progress.

Первый лётный экземпляр отечественного авиалайнера SSJ New прибыл в Жуковский для прохождения сертификационных лётных испытаний

Let us remind you that the first SSJ New with domestic PD-8 engines will be the aircraft number 95157; it will be used to test various systems on the ground. And the first flight SSJ New with PD-8 is designated number 97003.

Suzuki Baleno, equipped with an Aisin automatic transmission, has become more expensive in Russia, but it is still not much more expensive than the Lada Vesta

Yesterday, Deputy General Director «Yakovlev» Anatoly Gaidansky told when the first flight of the partially imported MS-21 aircraft will take place.

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