The exotic Geely Atlas pickup fell in price in Russia: in 1.5 months the price dropped by 150 thousand rubles

by alex

Geely Atlas pickup can be called one of the most affordable pickups sold in Russia, but there is a nuance

According to the Autopotok Telegram channel, one of the private importers has put up for sale in Moscow a pickup truck based on the Geely Atlas Pro. This is a model for the Chinese domestic market; cars are supplied to Russia unofficially. But if at the beginning of October they asked for 2.8 million rubles for such a car, now a car can be bought for 2.65 million rubles.

Экзотический Geely Atlas pickup подешевел в России: за 1,5 месяца цена снизилась на 150 тыс. рублей

The Geely Atlas pickup can be called one of the most affordable pickup trucks in Russia, if we talk about new cars: only the UAZ “Pickup” is cheaper (formally there is also a Sollers ST6 with a price of 2.5 million rubles for the basic version according to the price list, but in reality it is sold at dealers cars for 2.7 million rubles). But there is a nuance: the Geely Atlas pickup is not a frame car: it has the same monocoque body as the regular Atlas Pro. So it will not be possible to load the car properly (the declared carrying capacity of the entire car is 540 kg, that is, you can put a load weighing about 200-250 kg in the body).

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The Geely Atlas pickup has front-wheel drive. Under the hood is a 1.8-liter turbo engine with a power of 184 hp, connected to a robotic 7-speed transmission.

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