The developers of Sackboy: A Big Adventure fired about 250 employees

by alex

British company Sumo Group, bought by Chinese giant Tencent in 2022, has announced it will lay off around 250 of its staff as part of a restructuring program designed to respond to the current state of the industry.

The company said that having gone through difficult times, “we have not been left behind and restructuring operations across the business to better navigate the future challenges expected in the coming months is the way we must follow to ensure the future security of the business.”

To cut costs, companies are laying off up to 15% of staff in Canada, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic and India, which will lead to a reduction of approximately 250 employees.

Sumo Group developed Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Crackdown 3, and also helped create Team Sonic Racing, Forza Horizon and Hogwarts Legacy.

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Cover author: Sumo Group. Cover source: GI

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