The composer of Alan Wake 2 broke the piano with adult toys while recording the soundtrack for the game by Remedy Entertainment.

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Sound plays an important role in Alan Wake 2. Musical instruments suffered during the recording process

The release of Alan Wake 2 died down in 2023, but the game is periodically reminded in 2024. Composer Petri Alanko, who had previously worked with Remedy Entertainment, joined the work on Alan Wake 2.

As it turned out, in the process of creating the soundtrack, some musical instruments got it. According to the creator, in search of the right sounds, he literally broke pianos (or rather, even several):

“…I recorded [the sound of] an old rusty fence from a cattle pen, burned two pianos, broke one piano with adult toys and set off the fire alarm, then dropped [a keyboard] from a forklift onto a concrete floor.” The last one was “by mistake” (Petri jokes), but it was worth it.

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Indeed, the soundtrack of Alan Wake 2 was highly appreciated by many who played the Remedy Entertainment project. It was also noted by critics, for example, the game’s OST was nominated for The Game Awards 2023 in the “Best Score and Music” category, but then Square Enix was able to snatch victory from Remedy with Final Fantasy XVI.

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