The Chinese are no longer needed: Baikal processor developers are localizing the most important stage of production – chip packaging

by alex

This was previously handled by TSMC

Developer of Baikal processors company «Baikal Electronics» will expand the experiment of packaging its chips in Russia. Back in November 2021, the company began testing this technological process at the facilities of the Russian holding GS Group in the Kaliningrad region, and now it will launch it at the facilities of «Milandra» and «Mikron» in Zelenograd (Moscow district). About this «Vedomosti» said two sources in the companies – manufacturers of radio-electronic products.

Corpus – the process of installing semiconductor chips into a housing, the final stage of processor production. Until February 24, 2022 «Baikal Electronics» ordered the production of chips, including their packaging, at the Taiwanese TSMC factory.

In 2021 «Baikal Electronics» released 130,000 processors.  The company planned to increase annual production volumes to 600,000 chips by 2025. But after the imposition of sanctions against Russian companies, TSMC stopped cooperation. In 2022 300,000 Baikal processors already released by TSMC were not shipped to Russia.

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«Corpus experiments — This is a big step in the development of production, Russian companies are still at the beginning of their journey, they will begin to improve over time. It will also be useful for production to increase their competence in rejecting», the CEO of the server manufacturer «Norsi-trans» noted in a conversation with Vedomosti. Sergei Ovchinnikov.  

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